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Jennifer Astle’s punchy, colourful writing style makes her a joy to read. I look forward to discovering what she will say next and her inimitable way with words frequently makes each sentence fairly crackle on the page.

Such is her talent that it’s often not so much what she says, but more the way she says it that gets to me. Whether I agree with her opinions or not, from politics to ‘how to wear stiletto heels’, or from ‘ugly is the new beautiful’ to feminism, I find her pretty hard to ignore.

Jenn is a young woman whose skillful writing, conscientious research, rich imagination and boundless enthusiasm for her craft will surely take her a very long way.

– Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams is the author of The Complex World of Harry Spalding.


Jenn Astle’s political pieces are opinionated, but fair.  She is able to see the whole picture and contribute her own insight to any current issue.  Her writing is poignant, yet fresh.  She is appealing to our audience at twenty-something postgrads who want to stay up to date without having to dig through boring political jargon.  Jenn’s contributions to the site have been some of FRFM’s best pieces.  It’s definitely worth checking out her writing on

– Caitlin Fahey

Caitlin Fahey is the editor of Far Running Fat Man.


Jennifer Astle is a pleasure to work with.  As the Chief Visionary Officer of, I must have the highest level of quality, professionalism, and discretion when I contract freelance work.  Jennifer was able to provide me with the quality I desired, on (or well before) deadline, and with a commitment to professionalism that was outstanding.  She is able to communicate to a vast audience with a voice that is a blend of academic professionalism and fresh, entertaining writing. I would not hesitate to recommend Jennifer to anyone who needs a fantastic writer.

Jennifer Johnson is the Chief Visionary Officer of The Marketing Piece.


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